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Necoram is best Fish Feed suppliers in Pune,India
  • Growth, health and reproduction of fish and other aquatic animals are primarily dependent upon an adequate supply of nutrient, both in terms of quantity and quality, irrespective of the culture system in which they are grown. Supply of inputs (feeds, fertilisers etc.) has to be ensured so that the nutrients and energy requirements of the species under cultivation are met and the production goals of the system are achieved. Determination of dietary mineral requirement of aquatic animals has been complicated by the fact that they have the ability to absorb minerals from the surrounding water in addition to the food ingested.

  • We have come up with unique product name Aquaclik containing, minerals, amino acids, lipids which will improve the production, weight, fertility, nutritional value, further decreasing the mortality rate.

  • Application-Only 50 ML/Acre Mixed With Feed Supplements/Every Day
  • Improves the production approximately by 20%.
  • Increases the weight yield of fish.
  • Decreases the mortality rate of fishes.
  • Improves fertility by more breeding.
  • Improves nutritional value of fish meat.
  • Improves texture of skin of ornamental fishes and also works for normal fishes.
  • Meat can be sold as organic meat.
  • Harvesting cycle is reduce by 10% (counted in number of days)

Necoram is top Fish Feed suppliers in Pune,India
Necoram : Fish Feed suppliers in Pune,India

 Necoram is best Aqua feed company in Pune,India
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