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Necoram is the best soil conditioner comapny in Pune,India offering Nano fertilizers
  • SOILCLIK; a unique blend of biologically activated nutrients viz. minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc., in liquid form which provides complete nutrition to the plant resulting in increase in photosynthesis. It helps in making all the essential ingredients easily available in the independent form and also adds other benefits to quality of plant.
  • Maximises Bio-availability of minerals .
  • Improves soil conditions.
  • Makes & Maintains plant
  • Improve quality & quantity of Fruits I Flowers I Vegetables I Cereals
  • Ready & Easy to Use.
  • Faster vegetative & reproductive growth of plant
  • Reduces incidence of fungal, bacterial & viral growth
  • Resist Environmental Changes
  • Improves Shelf life of Produce
  • Helps in getting original taste | colour | aroma & flavour of produce.
  • Application-Only 50ml/150 ltrs. water/Twice A Month till harvesting

 Necoram is the top soil conditioner comapny in Pune,India providing organic solutions for soil
 Necoram is the recommended soil conditioner comapny in Pune,India
Necoram provides nano fertilizers

 Necoram is the best nano fertilizers comapany

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