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 Necoram is the best Soil conditioner company in Pune

SoilKit is the most advanced specially designed powerful combination of SoilClik & SoilClik+

Bio-activated & Bio-energised Nutritional Kit for Soil & Plant

  • Customised Combination of 21 Minerals, 6 Vitamin Groups, Essential Amino Acids, MHA

  • The continued use of SoilKit not only delivers the exceptionally good health for the soil by increasing the soil flora up to 1 Crore/Gram but also a visible difference can be seen in less than three weeks in the plant lifecycle i.e. in the aroma , color, stem size and health of the plant.

  • With the continued use of SoilKit for two years, the land can be certified as fully organic land and the respective produce can be certified as total organic produce

"SoilKit is the mixed blend of SoilClik in powder form & SoilClik+ in the liquid form respectively."

 Necoram is the top Soil conditioner company in Pune
 Soil conditioner company in Pune

  • SoilKit is the most advanced specially designed one stop fully organic and natural nano-science based powerful rejuvenator solution for plant and soil

  • One pack of SoilKit contains 3 bags of SoilClik (1Kg each) & 3 Bottles of SoilClik+ liquid booster also it has how to do manual and registration manual of our in house call center assistance for farmers using our product.

  • The application of Soil-Kit would be on per month per acre basis with & continues use of the same kit, the observe land can be converted into the fully organic land. WHICH IS OUR AIM

best Soil conditioner company in Pune
  • SoilKit is the most powerful combination of powder & liquid boosters which works in a customised & scientific way by decomposing the chemical residues in the soil which comes from the use of chemical fertilisers simultaneously working on the micro-flora.

First time in the era of an organic farming sector, a complete one-stop bio-activated & bio-energised nutritional kit for soil and plant health “SOILKIT”

  • SoilKit is purely and completely based on Nano-Technology which is derived from the ancient principles Ayurveda and Homeopathy. In the modern days, SoilKit has been proved as the most affordable & lowest cost effective organic input.

Soilkit = SoilClik & Soilclik+

Organic fertilizers providers


  • Maximises Bio-availability of minerals .
  • Improves soil conditions.
  • Makes plant healthy.
  • Maintains health of plant.
  • Improve quality of Fruits / Flowers / Vegetables / Cereals.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Reduces use of inorganic fertilisers.
  • Dramatically improves root growth helping plant draw nutrients more effectively.
  • Minimises soil deterioration & ensures vital nutrients are used properly.
  • Increases micro-flora up to 1 Crore in every 1g soil.

Necoram is organic certified company in Pune,India
Necoram is best Aqua feed company in Pune,India
Necoram is the best organic farming company in Pune,India

 Necoram is the best soil conditioner comapny in Pune,India offering Nano fertilizers

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