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We are a research-based agro solution and 

ISO 9001:2008 certified company

focusing on innovative solutions for crops, soils, birds, animals, humans and environment. We manufacture and market “Biologically Activated Products from Plants Extracts” (Eco friendly organic & natural products).


We believe that Agriculture plays a vital role in strengthening the economy of our country. With the objectives clearly vision and defined. We are committed to do innovations in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, dairy, poultry and other veterinary department. The emphasis is given to bettering the Human life by improving the quality of the agro produce. To get the quality produce from soil, the soil quality needs to be improved.


We produce the most effective , affordable, sustainable and commendable agro- organic product range. With the help of our Nano-Science we encourage all the farmers to use much lesser quantity of products for the larger productions, and emphasising on reducing the cost of production.

Awarded as most efficient and cost effective agriculture solution provider company for the sugarcane production.-by MRUUS

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