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Necoram is best agriculture companies in Pune,India offering organic solutions

small is the new big


20+ Micro & Macro Minerals , 20+ Amino Acids 6+ Vitamin Groups, 2000+ Kcal energy content along with latest science of MHA’ in biologically activated form extracted from natural resources.

  • The definition of Nano-Science is based on the prefix “nano” which is from the Greek word meaning “dwarf”. In more technical terms, the word “nano” means 10-9 or one billionth of something
  • This is the mix of applications of scientific and engineering principles to make and utilise very small things for delivering great results at extremely low cost.
  • It has the potential to revolutionise the agricultural and related industries with new tools for the molecular treatment of diseases, rapid disease detection, enhancing the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, and producing great results.
  • It will also protect the environment indirectly through the use of alternative (renewable) energy supplies, and filters or catalysts to reduce pollution and clean-up existing pollutants.

Brighter colours! Richer flavours! Less spoilage! Those are some of the reasons why companies are using nanoparticles into hundreds of products, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food

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